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Transformational Training Coaches

Learn from this father/daughter duo how to create courses and content that actually creates transformation in your clients. 

Myron and Deedee are both coaches for high level entrepreneurs and ready to teach you how to do the same.

Agents of Freelancing Coach

Podcast Coach

Authentic Copy Accelerator Coach

Authentic Copy Accelerator® is your step-by-step guide for turning your words into wealth. Because no matter what niche you’re in, effective copywriting is the essential foundation for all your marketing communication!

I’m Tina Lorenz. I’ve been writingmillionaire making” copy since 2005, both for myself and rainmakers like Frank Kern, Brian Tracy, and Russell Brunson. My goal is for you to understand exactly what creating compelling copy is all about so you can implement quickly with clarity, confidenceand competence. 

Together we’ll cover everything from optimizing your success mindset, to consistently creating an aligned and persuasive flow with your opt-ins, sales pages, and email sequences, to leverage your life and legacy.

Funnel Freedom Coach

Street Legal Business Coach

What's Included In Millionaire Marketing Mastery Bootcamp & Coaching

Millionaire Marketing Mastery Business Mentorship
Millionaire Fast Track Mindset Mentorship
Millionaire Fast Track Skillset Mentorship
Millionaire Fast Track Toolset Mentorship

Millionaire Marketing Mastery Business Models
Affiliate Marketing Mastery
Authority Marketing Mastery
Agents of Freelance Mastery

Millionaire Marketing Mastery Business Messaging
Messaging That Protects Your Business
Messaging That Promotes Your Business
Messaging Platforms That Promote Your Business

Year Long Millionaire Marketing Mastery Coaching

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